Ep: 18 | Should I buy that kitchen gadget? Worth it or not worth it?

In this episode: Should I spend money on that kitchen gadget? Meseidy and Rebecca take on a list of common (and not so common) kitchen gadgets. They hold forth on whether or not they think each of things things is worth your money or space and why. Grab a cup of tea or coffee andContinue reading “Ep: 18 | Should I buy that kitchen gadget? Worth it or not worth it?”

Ep. 17 | Top 10-ish Kitchen Tools Every Kitchen Needs

Have you ever wondered what tools every kitchen ought to have? Meseidy and Rebecca each bring their top 10 list (okay, more like top 12 or 13 list) to discuss what well equipped kitchen should have. And unsurprisingly, they’re opinionated and maybe surprisingly, toasters are involved. Do you have questions, show topic requests, or comments?Continue reading “Ep. 17 | Top 10-ish Kitchen Tools Every Kitchen Needs”

Ep. 16 | Snack Attack

In This Episode: Snack Attack Meseidy and Rebecca have a terrible attack of the munchies and talk about all of their favourite grab and go snacks from the slightly healthy-ish to the completely shameless. Will their go-to snacks be your favourite? Or did they leave something out! Let them know! Do you have questions, showContinue reading “Ep. 16 | Snack Attack”

Ep. 15 | Party Time Foods

In This Episode: Party Time Foods Better than party time; it’s party FOOD time! This is the most wonderful time of the food year. Today, Meseidy and Rebecca are talking finger foods, foods on a stick, festive snacks, appetizers, dips, melty cheese with crusty bread, and all of sorts of those types of goodies! DoContinue reading “Ep. 15 | Party Time Foods”

Ep. 14 | Burgermeister: What makes a burger?

In This Episode: Burgermeister. What makes a great burger?Today, Meseidy and Rebecca cover all sorts of burgers from the classic ground beef burger, turkey or chicken burgers, to fish burgers, and we even cover some veggie burgers, which Rebecca swears are good. Meseidy has some doubts. Do you have questions, show topic requests, or comments?Continue reading “Ep. 14 | Burgermeister: What makes a burger?”

Ep. 13 | Comfort Food

In This Episode: Comfort FoodIn today’s episode, Meseidy and Rebecca discuss their favorite comfort foods; from the foods they choose when eating their feelings to the nostalgic foods of their childhood, everything comforting is on the table today.  It’s the stuff that makes you feel better when all is not right with the world. DoContinue reading “Ep. 13 | Comfort Food”

Bonus Ep. | Thanksgiving Sides

In This Episode: Thanksgiving Side DishesForget talking turkey, let’s talk sides! From the simple to the spectacular, from traditional cultural dishes to nouvelle cuisine, Rebecca and Meseidy talk about how to put side dishes on the table that will almost make you forget the turkey or ham or roast or whatever! Holiday Side Dish SourcesContinue reading “Bonus Ep. | Thanksgiving Sides”

Ep. 11 | I Don’t Feel Like Cooking

In This Episode: I Don’t Feel Like CookingMeseidy and Rebecca discuss their go-to foods for when they just plain don’t feel like cooking but can’t or won’t order out. Everyone alive has those days, and the gals share their strategies for getting dinner on the table when it’s the last thing you want to do.Continue reading “Ep. 11 | I Don’t Feel Like Cooking”

Ep. 10 | Instant Ramen Instant Happiness

In This Episode: Instant Ramen Every high schooler lives for it. Every college kid knows and loves it and lives on it. We’re talking instant ramen. And today Meseidy and Rebecca review their favourite instant ramen brands, hacks, what makes ramen noodles, well, ramen noodles, and how to fancy up a cheap packet of ramenContinue reading “Ep. 10 | Instant Ramen Instant Happiness”