Ep. 8 | I Scream for Ice Cream!

In This Episode: Ice Cream Today on our I Scream for Ice Cream! Episode, we jump into a giant, frozen bowl full of happiness with about everyone’s favourite dessert, or at least ours; Ice Cream! With a breakdown of the best at-home ice cream makers, and a recipe for the best homemade vanilla ice creamContinue reading “Ep. 8 | I Scream for Ice Cream!”

Ep. 7 | Just How Important IS Celery? Because Meseidy Hates It

In This Episode: Celery Just how important IS celery? Spoiler alert: it’s very important and boy does that irritate Meseidy because she can’t stand the stuff. Celery isn’t just some bit player in kids snack circles, it’s a culinary giant. Meseidy and Rebecca go over the various important roles celery plays in modern cuisine andContinue reading “Ep. 7 | Just How Important IS Celery? Because Meseidy Hates It”

Ep. 6 | Cocktail Time!

In This Episode: CocktailsCocktail Time! Today Meseidy and Rebecca dive deep into the alcohol pool and explain the differences between cocktails and mixed drinks. We’ll also mix some of our favorite adult beverages and might just get a little drunk.  Do you have questions, show topic requests, or comments? Email us at myplateisalwaysfull@gmail.com! Sources Origins ofContinue reading “Ep. 6 | Cocktail Time!”

Ep. 4 | Who Can We Blame for Pumpkin Spice

In This Episode: Pumpkin Spice Now we love a good Starbucks run as much as the next folks, but we can recognize a trend run amok when we see one.  Today we are going to break down what exactly Pumpkin Spice is, a brief history of the origins of pumpkin spice and how did itContinue reading “Ep. 4 | Who Can We Blame for Pumpkin Spice”

Ep. 1 | Take a Little Pizza My Heart

In This Episode: Pizza Meseidy and Rebecca discuss the best food in the entire world; Pizza. From thin crust to deep dish and everything in between, pizza has something for everyone and we’re breaking it all down today. We discuss the history of pizza, what makes a pizza a pizza, the different types of pizza,Continue reading “Ep. 1 | Take a Little Pizza My Heart”

Ep. 2 | A Sandwich Piled High with Opinions

In This Episode: Sandwiches This week’s episode is We Like a Sandwich Piled High with Opinions. We have a lot of opinions about sandwiches, don’t we? We will be talking about the origins of the sandwich, our favorite sandwiches, classic sandwiches, and everything you need to know to make a really great sandwich. Do youContinue reading “Ep. 2 | A Sandwich Piled High with Opinions”

Ep. 3 | I Speak French…Fry

In This Episode: French Fries We love french fries more than most people we meet. As in we love the fries more than the people. Kidding. Mostly. Today we’re going in-depth on something that makes us very happy; french fries.  Meseidy and Rebecca talk about the history of the french fry, rank fast-food french fries,Continue reading “Ep. 3 | I Speak French…Fry”